Emotional Assistance Animal Request/Approval Process

Before the approval process can begin, each of the following steps must be completed:

Step 1: Complete the Emotional Assistance Animal Request Form (located on pages 5-6 )

Step 2: Submit the following required documentation to the Office of Student Access and Disabilities (OSA):

  • Emotional Assistance Animal Request Form
  • Recommendation Letter from a Professional Healthcare Provider, which states:
    • Documentation from provider should include:
      1. The person is under the provider’s care.
      2. The person has a diagnosed disorder of disability.
      3. The person needs to have an emotional support animal to reduce or alleviate symptoms associated with the diagnosis or disability. Does the person making the request have a disability related need for an emotional assistance animal?
    • The Professional Healthcare Provider’s credentials and signature indicating support for the application for an emotional support animal request. *Please keep in mind this provider cannot be a family member or relative.
  • Copy of the City of Kirksville Animal Registration (Animal license issued by City of Kirksville) (NOTE: All animals, even reptiles, must obtain a city license)
  • Copy of Veterinary Records for animal, clearly showing both animal and owner names and include the pet health history (for reptiles free of zoonotic disease-all animals free of communicable disease) and vaccinations (this documentation MUST show that pet has been spayed or neutered)
  • Photos of animal – a 5×7 of the front and side of the animal

Step 3: OSA will review the documentation and provide a decision to the student applicant and Residence Life

Step 4: Once the student has received approval from OSA, the student will need to schedule a mandatory meeting with the Director of Residence Life prior to bringing the animal to campus. The student will contact the Director of Residence Life, William Nelsen at: wnelsen@truman.edu or 660.785.4227 to schedule this meeting once they have received the instructions to do so from the OSA.

Emotional assistance animal (EAA) accommodations are housing accommodations and are only valid for one academic year (expiring each July) – students must apply each year to have their accommodations approved for an another academic year.  Previously approved students will need to submit all new documentation with their renewal request.

Appeals of the Disability Services Office decision should follow the Disability Services Appeals Policy.

The EAA policy is not applicable to University buildings beyond the University owned and operated apartments and residence halls. The EAA policy is not applicable to classrooms. Emotional assistance animals are not allowed in classrooms or other university buildings (non-residence buildings).