Policies & Procedures

Disability Services Appeals Policy

The Disability Services Office at Truman State University strives to provide equal educational opportunities for students with disabilities as defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act. In order to do so, we make every effort to balance the need for reasonable accommodations as demonstrated by appropriate documentation with the required skills and abilities necessary to succeed in various areas of study. Decisions about reasonable accommodations involve a careful review of documentation by the Disability Services Coordinator and approval from her supervisor. On some occasions, experts may be consulted to review documentation to ensure that requested accommodations are reasonable and consistent with the documented disabilities. Even with these checks and balances in our system of review, on occasion, students may feel that the accommodations approved by Disability Services are inadequate or inappropriate. Students have a mechanism through which they may file an appeal.

Students who wish to appeal a decision regarding accommodations should do so in writing. The appeal needs to provide the name, address, and contact information of the student, the basis of the appeal, a description of the desired accommodation that has not been provided and the documentation that was submitted supporting the requested accommodation.

The appeal should be submitted to the Coordinator of Disability Services who will verify the factual accuracy of the appeal. The appeal will then be delivered by the Coordinator of Disability Services to the Director of the Student Health Center.  The Director of the Student Health Center will review the appeal in consultation with appropriate individuals in the University or external communities who may have expertise in the disability area.

A decision on the appeal will be rendered and returned to the student in writing within thirty days of the receipt of the appeal.  In the event that the student remains dissatisfied with the written decision, a complaint may be filed with the Office of Civil Rights, whose standard processes for resolving such issues will be followed.