Note Taker Role and Responsibilities

If you have responded to a request from the Office of Student Access and Disability Services (OSA) to serve as a note-taker, thank you for your willingness to help a fellow classmate and earn a bit of an incentive for yourself!

Note-takers receive a small payment for submitting a copy of their notes from a class in which they are already enrolled. Note-takers are normally in the class in question and taking notes for themselves for the course.  In return for willingness to share a copy of class notes with the Office of Student Access and Disability Services, the student will receive monetary compensation for half the time spent in the class.  Notes must be clear, complete and legible.

Role and responsibilities of a note taker:

  • The student for whom you are providing a copy of your notes DEPENDS on your promptness in delivering the notes.  Accordingly, it is imperative that your notes are received in a timely and consistent manner!

For electronic notes:

  • Electronic notes need to be sent to the OSA Director via email BY 4:30pm on each class day that notes are taken.
  • Email electronic notes to the OSA Director and include the class name and alias (code name for the student you are taking notes) in the subject line or the body of the email.

If you cannot send electronic copies please discuss this with the Director of the OSA prior to becoming a note-taker to make alternative arrangements for hand delivered copies of notes.