Individual Education Plan

An Individual Education Plan (IEP) or Section 504 Plan is a written document that is valid only through high school and describes the following:

  • Present levels of educational performance
  • Goals for the year
  • What special education and related services the school will provide to you
  • An explanation of how much of the school day will be spent participating with children without disabilities
  • The modifications you will need when state or district-wide tests are given
  • When and where the school will start providing services to you, how often the services will be provided, and how long the services are expected to last
  • How the school will measure your progress toward your goals and how the school will tell your parents about your progress
  • The transition services you need to get ready for life after finishing high school

┬áThis plan is similar in some respects to Truman’s Academic Accommodations. The US Department of Education has the following to say regarding the IEP:

Although an Individualized Education Program (IEP) or Section 504 plan, if you have one, may help identify services that have been effective for you, it generally is not sufficient documentation. This is because post-secondary education presents different demands than high school education, and what you need to meet these new demands may be different. Also in some cases, the nature of a disability or functionality surrounding the disability may change.

For more information on IEP please see US Dept. of Education’s Guide to the IEP