Alternate Media Types

Alternate media types may include: Braille, Tactile Graphics (a “feelable” form of picture), Audio Tapes, Large Print, or Computers.

Students may seek to use alternative textbooks (if approved) through sites such as:


AccessText Network

Current technology can be a valuable learning tool for individuals with disabilities. Providing class notes and tests in digital format allows students with mild to moderate visual disabilities to enlarge font sizes, or use a page magnification device to read printed material. For students who are blind or severely dyslexic, a computer allows the use of a screen reader.

Disability Services has a Braille printer, as well as translation software available in the Alternate Media section of Pickler Memorial Library. Disability Services will happily translate any materials needed into Braille. Please allow 3-4 days for translation.

Audio Tapes
Disability Services can provide some material in audio format for study and testing purposes. Please contact Disability Services for more information.

Large Print
For individuals with a moderate visual disability, large print tests are often desirable.
Large print should be about 24 point font.

For more information on this topic please see:
The California Community College Alternate Media Guidelines