Disability Services to Help Your Students

Disability Services can provide a range of services to help professors better serve the students in their class with disabilities. Here are some of the ways Disability Services can help:

Students may seek to use alternative textbooks (if approved) through sites such as:


AccessText Network

Text-to-Braille Translations: Course material (in reasonable quantities) can be translated into Braille by Disability Services personnel. If possible, please provide the material in electronic format, such as a text file, or a Microsoft Word document.  Or an alternative audio format can be sought out.

Text-to-Audio Translations: Course material can also be read by a student worker onto a tape for blind or dyslexic students. Or students can use their text to audio feature on their computers or tablets. 

Accommodation Guidance: Personnel from our office can assist you in determining whether or not a certain accommodation is appropriate. If the accommodation is not appropriate, the staff person may be able to suggest an alternative solution.

Disability Services is always willing to listen to concerns and provide guidance.