Emotional Support Animals

An Emotional Support Animal (ESA) is defined as an animal with a primary  role of providing emotional comfort to a person with a disability. ESAs do not perform work or tasks that would qualify them as a service animal under the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Purple Paw Print Waterless Tattoo - Tattoos Ship in 24 Hours!Approval Process for Emotional Assistance/Support Animal

This is an application for a housing accommodation.  This policy is not applicable to University buildings beyond the University owned and operated apartments and residence halls.  Emotional support animals are not allowed in classrooms or other university buildings (non-residence buildings) under housing accommodations.

Before the Emotional Assistance/Support Animal approval process can begin, each of the following steps must be completed.

Step 1: Read through the Procedure-Process           PDF Procedure-Process

Step 2: Submit the following required documentation to the Office of Student Access and Disability Services (OSA):

Step 3: OSA will review documentation and provide decision to student applicant and Residence Life

Step 4: Once student has received approval from OSA they may THEN bring the animal to campus.


Appeals of the Disability Services Office decision should follow the OSA Appeals Policy (available online at: disabilityservices.truman.edu/files/2016/03/2016-Disability-Services-Appeals-Policy.pdf).

Conflicts Over the Use of Emotional Support Animals

The use of emotional assistance animals may negatively affect others with allergies, respiratory impairments and other relevant disabling conditions. Conflict resolution will be managed by OSA, Residence Life, and the Vice President for Student Affairs.  Evidence of disability and its impact may be required of those negatively affected by the use of the animals by these offices.