Housing Accommodation Request Process/Policy

For disability related access, some students request consideration for a variety of nonstandard housing accommodations.  To substantiate the need for assistance, the Disability Services Office requires clear documentation of limitations in function or performance specifically as it relates to the housing assigned.  Substantiated need is constituted by a severe or chronic disabling condition that has been well documented by an appropriate, qualified medical/mental health professional.

Please be advised that requests for particular housing assignments/living environments based on a student’s preference, rather than need for access, will not be honored. (For example: A student with ADHD or anxiety seeking a single room to serve as a quiet, undisturbed place to study represents a preference, but not a necessity.) Accordingly, single/private room accommodations are reserved for individuals with documented and substantiated needs, and for whom a standard housing assignment with a roommate is not viable nor accessible due to the disability.

Please note that by virtue of the shared facilities, resources, and number of people living under one roof in the residence halls, a single room will not necessarily provide a quieter, more distraction-free space than a standard shared room.

In order to request housing accommodations for the residence halls on-campus, a student will need to submit official documentation from his/her appropriately qualified healthcare professional to the Student Access and Disability Services Office.  For psychological diagnoses, the documentation should include an evaluation by an appropriately licensed professional (psychiatrist, licensed psychologist, neurologist) with expertise and training in psychiatric diagnosis and why the accommodation is needed for access. Recommended healthcare professionals for medical diagnoses include physicians, nurse practitioners, surgeons, orthopedic or other specialists as appropriate for the specific condition.  Decisions will be made and the student notified prior to the upcoming August of each school year.

The documentation will need to be on the healthcare professional’s letterhead and should provide specifics about the student’s health/situation including his/her diagnosis, a description of the symptoms that interfere with his/her daily living/educational experience,  accommodations that the healthcare professional is recommending, and a rationale for each of the recommended accommodations.  This information is required in order for the Disability Services Office to make a determination regarding appropriate accommodations, if applicable.  The healthcare professional must sign this documentation.  The documentation can be submitted to the OSA via regular mail, email or fax.  Students will receive a confirmation email once the OSA has received their documentation.

For more details regarding the information that is required in the healthcare professional’s documentation, please see the Applying for Services section of this website.

Housing accommodations are only valid for one academic year (expiring each July) – students must apply each year to have their accommodations approved for an another academic year.  Previously approved students will need to submit new up to date documentation with their renewal request that reflect current functionality and access concerns.

If you have questions not answered by the website, please email the OSA Director.

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