Housing Accommodations

Truman recognizes the importance of providing reasonable accommodations in its housing policies and practices where necessary for individuals with disabilities to use and enjoy University housing.

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Air Conditioning for Centennial Hall-Due to Disability

Applications due by July 26, 2021

When submitting your air conditioning request, please ensure your documentation to upload is complete:

  • Documentation is on physician letterhead signed by the physician, should not be a relative.
  • Includes your name, DOB, and clearly states that the student has a disability (include the diagnosis when appropriate).  Please remember the provider needs to state there is a disability, a diagnosis alone is not necessarily a disability.  All diagnoses do not rise to the level of a disability.  ***It must be clear that the provider believes the diagnosis rises to the level of a disability and what major life activity the disability interferes with.
  • Your letter uploaded should state you have a disability, the symptoms of such, and why the air conditioner is needed for the symptoms of the disability, how does it alleviate the symptoms.

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Emotional Assistance/Support Animals

The University’s Emotional Assistance/Support Animal policy applies only to housing accommodations and is not applicable to University buildings beyond the University owned and operated apartments and residence halls.  Emotional assistance/support animals are not generally allowed in classrooms or other university buildings (non-residence buildings) under housing accommodations.

Read Emotional Support Animal Procedure >

Other Housing Accommodation Requests

For more details on types of disabilities and documentation required, see Applying for Services/Accommodations.